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ოპერატორის სიახლეები

არგენტინელი ინვესტორები ინტერესდებიან Carmelo კაზინოში

By - 14 წლის 2024 მაისი

A total of four groups of Argentine entrepreneurs have met with the Undersecretary of Tourism რემო მონცელიო and showed an interest in acquiring the former Casino Hotel Carmelo. Two of those four groups expressed a strong interest in acquiring the property from the Ministry of Tourism and proceeding with its remodelling to convert it into a five-star hotel.

According to local news portal Eco Digital the meetings took place during Uruguay’s Innovation Hub event which took place last week in Buenos Aires.

Remo Monzeglio made the claim after showcasing the tourist attractions of the department of Colonia.

“This month of May is decisive. We had four specific meetings with four groups interested in bidding for the property. For now, with different levels of interest, but in two cases, a strong interest in participating. And now we will wait, this month is definitive, we have two instances,” he said.

The first meeting will be on May 15, Monzeglio said, “which is the time they have to purchase the bid documents and request an extension. The second is on May 30, where, if there are no interested parties, we have the power to extend the deadlines a bit to give them the opportunity to apply. I think there are two groups strongly interested in participating.

“I would say there are no major objections. They are willing to maintain, I would say, not only the facade, but one of the groups, mainly, is thinking of a remodelling, something that we know the people of Carmelo like and want,” he said.

აპრილში la ურუგვაის ტურიზმის სამინისტრო გამოაცხადა მოწოდება ორი ქონების გაყიდვაზე, რომელიც განპირობებულია ქალაქ კარმელოში კაზინოს კონცესიით ძვირადღირებული სასტუმროს აშენებითა და ექსპლუატაციით. აზარტული თამაშების ოპერირების ნებართვა 20 წლის ვადით გაიცემა.

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